Unveiling Swiss Watch Expo’s New Retail Space: A Hip Industrial Masterpiece

At Norwood Architects, we take pride in transforming visions into reality, crafting spaces that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our latest project, the Swiss Watch Expo in Buckhead, is a testament to this commitment. Swiss Watch Expo, the largest online seller of pre-owned luxury watches, sought a physical space that would reflect their brand’s prestige and sophistication while embracing a unique, hip industrial design. We are thrilled to share the results of this exciting collaboration, which marks the third expansion Norwood Architects has designed for Swiss Watch Expo.

A Vision of Industrial Elegance

When Swiss Watch Expo approached us, they had a clear vision: a retail space that marries the raw, edgy elements of industrial design with the elegance and precision that define their luxury watch collection. Our design team embraced this challenge, drawing inspiration from urban lofts and chic industrial venues to create a space that feels both contemporary and timeless.

Key Design Elements

1. Exposed Structural Elements: The space prominently features exposed beams and ductwork, celebrating the building’s industrial roots. This choice not only adds character but also creates an open and airy atmosphere, making the watches the true stars of the show.

2. Custom Metal and Wood Fixtures: Our team designed custom fixtures using a mix of metal and reclaimed wood, blending modern aesthetics with rustic charm. These elements serve as a backdrop to the exquisite timepieces, enhancing their allure without overshadowing them.

3. Ambient and Accent Lighting: Lighting plays a crucial role in any retail space, and Swiss Watch Expo is no exception. We installed a combination of ambient and accent lighting to highlight key areas and create a warm, inviting ambiance. Strategic lighting ensures that each watch is showcased in the best possible light, emphasizing their intricate details and craftsmanship.

4. Interactive Display Areas: Understanding the importance of customer engagement, we incorporated interactive display areas where visitors can explore the watches up close. These spaces are designed to facilitate a hands-on experience, encouraging customers to connect with the products on a personal level.

Bringing the Design to Life

The transformation of Swiss Watch Expo’s retail space is beautifully captured in a video tour, which you can watch here. The video provides an inside look at the meticulous design process and the stunning final result. It’s a must-see for anyone interested in luxury retail design and industrial chic aesthetics.


At Norwood Architects, we believe that great design tells a story. The new Swiss Watch Expo retail space tells a tale of elegance meeting industrial edge, a narrative that perfectly aligns with the brand’s identity. We are proud to have been part of this journey and look forward to seeing how this space enhances the Swiss Watch Expo experience for all their customers. This latest project is the third expansion we have designed for Swiss Watch Expo, a testament to our ongoing partnership and shared vision for exceptional design.

Visit Swiss Watch Expo in Atlanta to experience this stunning space firsthand, and stay tuned to our blog for more updates on our latest projects. If you’re looking to transform your retail space, contact Norwood Architects today—we’d love to bring your vision to life.

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