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But, wouldn’t it be great if you could hire an architect who could design your style rather than his/hers? Being able to have an architect listen to your needs rather than telling you how your needs are not relevant or do not fit within the style of the project. This is exactly the reason Norwood Architects was created. To design based on our client’s preference of style and to cater to our client’s needs.

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We at Norwood Architects believe Architecture is as much a matter of serving people as it is a matter of good design. We feel design should be predicated upon a concern for people and communities. We maintain that Architecture should establish connections, encourage activities, enable transitions, heighten experiences, create landmarks and should in general enhance the built environment.
We also understand that design is an interactive process between the Architect and Owner. We assert that the Architect must understand the priorities, values and goals of the Owner. Only then, can a project be created which serves the Owner and community aesthetically, functionally and in every other sense.

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Woody has over 20 years of experience in Master Planning, Office, Resort, Residential, Restaurant, Multifamily, and Industrial Facilities. He is a graduate of Southern Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.

He has an extensive background in construction that is unprecedented for an architect. While in architecture school, Woody worked as a superintendent and project manager for a construction company. This 7 year period in the construction field gave him a thorough understanding of construction as well as hands on experience in concrete, framing, finish carpentry as well as other trades he has learned such as welding, electrical, and plumbing.  Woody has also constructed multiple custom home projects for clients from his designs since starting the firm. With this background and his extensive experience with design-build projects, he is able to have a competitive edge as well as better understanding of the construction process than other architects. Through his experience, Woody has developed an art for highly functional spaces that live and function well.  You will find Woody’s designs are not only aesthetically pleasing interiors and exteriors, but also transformed spaces into a highly emotional experience.

Woody is a Registered Architect as well as a licensed Interior Designer. Holding an architectural license in over 15 states giving the firm the ability to work nationwide.

Outside of the firm, Woody spends his time with his wife Barbara and two kids, Aurelia and Luca, enjoying soccer and lacrosse and he always has a remodel project or two he is working on at his home.



Shaun grew up helping his father, a jack-of-all-trades, with myriad hands-on projects. During college, Shaun found himself hesitant to lock-in to a major, but completed an Assoc. of Art degree at Gainesville State College. He decided to pause his academic development to pursue the work he found himself most passionate about; improving the built environment. During his next chapter, Shaun served as a Residential home framer, a high-end event project manager, and apprenticed to a licensed electrician for two years. Shaun realized that he was unknowingly pursuing a career as the highest level of jack-of-all-trades that he could – architect. Shaun now has over 10 years of building design and construction experience. In addition to numerous, attractive, and successful Single Family, Multifamily, and High Rise Condominium Residential projects, Shaun has produced and carried out pleasing designs for Commercial Event and Amenity Spaces, Ecclesiastical Buildings, Commercial Kitchens, Master Plans for Land Developing and Sub-division of properties. Because of his jack-of-all-trades mindset and ability to coordinate with contractors, Shaun is known for his ability to seamlessly coordinate a building’s aesthetic features with its behind-the-scenes, mechanical systems.




Steve has worked in the field of Architecture since 1985 when he began participation in the Cooperative Education program at Auburn University.  After earning his B.A. in Architecture  in 1990 he worked for 10 years with Holmes Wilkins Architects in Montgomery, Alabama.  There he was head of drafting and production.  He participated in development of prototypes for the Winn-Dixie grocery store chain.  He also was job captain for numerous other commercial retail project.

After moving to Atlanta in 2000 Steve worked for Jack Pyburn Architects which specialized in historic preservation.  In 2002, Steve began work with Zaic Hug and Associates where he worked on various residential and commercial projects during this period.  This is also when Steve met Woody.

After Woody’s departure from Zaic Hug in 2004 to begin his own firm, he offered Steve a position as an associate and project manager with Norwood Architects.  He has been with Norwood Architects for a total of 16 years.  His work experience since has been very fulfilling and has covered a wide range of project types.  Steve’s role has included pre-design such as gathering zoning and building information from local authorities.  The role has also included production of construction documents, coordinating with consulting engineers, construction administration and formulation and implementation of cad drafting standards.


Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science – 1981
Troy State University: Troy, Alabama
Bachelor of Architecture – 1990
Auburn University: Auburn, Alabama

Bring idea to maturity and fruition.

Environment for the benefit of our clients and their community.

Green architecture and sustainable design.

Personalized and quality service to each client.

Our professional experience, knowledge and dedication

Ensure that project schedules and budgets are met.

Fluency and experience in all manner of styles.