New Modern Renovation Underway

We have started construction on one of our modern homes. We are very excited to begin this project because not only have we completed the design, but we are acting as the General Contractor. Woody Vaughan, our principle, is the project manager for this home. From time to time, we choose projects we have designed and offer our clients the option to hire us for the construction as well.  Because this is a modern renovation, we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to construct it. Modern homes in Altanta have been very scarce over the years and now are just beginning to increase in volume. We are finding more and more clients  from generation X (and slightly older) are getting more comfortable with modern homes and their appeal.  Below is a photo of BEFORE


We are different than many architectural firms in that we have the capability of creating such a task. There are many benefits to the architect actually completed the construction.  Of the benefits are efficiency in saving time and money. We are able to make modifications on site and decisions that normally take days between the contractor, architect and owner.


Here is an image of the proposed design….


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